More learning at home and school

Hello everyone and welcome back to what has been our first week after the Easter holidays, sort of.

Even though we aren't all at school, it's clear that there has been some amazing learning happening and we have loved seeing what you are all getting up to.

When Mrs Noble and Miss Wall looked after the children in school, they had lots of fun working on a 'camping' theme. They read camping poems and then had a go at writing their own. They also made camping art work using materials from nature.

The children at home have been incredibly busy too.

This busy boy has been working on his spellings and comprehension, been on a bike ride to visit the Lydgate Junior rainbow and wanted to show us all that his sunflowers are growing! Well done.

He's not the only person who has been enjoying the outdoors. This is a brilliant start to a nature diary and the birds will definitely enjoy using these feeders. Well done for squashing in some reading and poetry too. Brilliant.

Here's more outdoor learning - look at this fabulous fairy garden! Such a lot of detail and super creative.

This must have taken ages but she still had time to make bath bombs. Great work.

Edwin has enjoyed working on his 'Princess and the Pea' comprehension. He even conducted his own experiment which led to him changing his answer to number 10!

Gus has enjoyed working on the 'Head of the World' task and has written this poem himself. We are all impressed by these words Gus. Well done.

Here's another busy bee. He has been enjoying White Rose maths, writing an argument about feeding pigeons (based on Pigeon Impossible) creating a powerpoint about penguins and was also inspired to write a story about a king cobra. Great stuff.

He set himself an active challenge too - kicking a ball through a basketball hoop. Do you think he managed it?

He also came up with the fantastic idea of creating his own exercise plan and then doing it with a friend over Zoom. Maybe that's something you would like to try with your friends?

4JP know Finlay likes painting. He sent us this photo of his latest abstract masterpiece. Stunning.

Here's another talented (and very happy!) artist showing her work inspired by Pete McKee. Superb.

Natalie and Ruby are the first to start our illustration project set by Janine. Here are their designs for 'Snowala the Koala'. Janine is going to be thrilled girls - amazing work.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch and sent photos in - keep them coming.

Your new home learning for next week has been sent by email today. There are a couple of our favourite assembly songs to sing along to and a great art competition you might want to have a go at. You are also encouraged to watch 'The Wizard of Oz' with your family!

Have a happy and healthy weekend everyone.

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