Year 5 Learn About Public Speaking

We were delighted to welcome Jane Sexton to work with year 5 for a whole morning this week to help the children  prepare for their Dragons' Den presentations. Jane, who has a child in year 4, has a keen interest in public speaking and volunteered to share her experiences with us. The morning started with a talk in the hall to the whole year group. We all learned many interesting tips to improve the success of a presentation; smile at your audience and maintain eye contact, get to the point quickly, be aware of your body language, pause for dramatic effect and respect your audience to name a few. Jane then spent half an hour with each class encouraging the children to be more confident about speaking in front of large groups of people by involving them in fun games. The morning was a huge success and the children all gained confidence in themselves as public speakers. As Jane told them, this is a skill they will carry with them for life! Many thanks to Jane for giving up her time this week. She will return as a guest judge next week at the Dragons' Den Year 5 Final. The results will be posted here next week!

The Year 5 Team

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