Friday 19th March

Year 5 have now been back at school for two weeks; it is lovely to have everyone together again. The children have settled back into school routines well and there has been lots of fantastic learning going on. 

We have been learning about the Zones of Regulation and how they can help us to recognise and understand some of our feelings. 

We have just finished editing and publishing our non-chronological reports about Pandora. The purpose of our writing was to sound like an expert - learning some technical vocabulary really helped us to do this. We also had to create our own hexapods (six-limbed creatures), which could live on the planet and we wrote about their anatomies and diets. 

As you can see, we had some great ideas and produced some high quality writing. 

In art, we did research on Islamic buildings  in ICT and printed out our favourite pictures. We then made our own big ideas board so we would have lots of ideas. Now we are designing our own Islamic buildings.

In Year 5 music, we did Charanga and learned to play the song Dancing in the Street. We used xylophones to create a harmony part and then started to play the challenging melody. It is starting to sound great!

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