Friday 23rd April

Welcome back! We are looking forward to a busy and exciting term in Y5. 

In our topic work this week, we have been learning about access to clean drinking water across the world. We were shocked to learn that, in some parts of the world, people have to drink dirty water, even though they know that it will make them ill. We found out about access to clean water in the UK, Venezuela and Angola. To help us to understand a bit more, we split into groups and had to try to wash up some dirty pots with different amounts of water: UK had unlimited water, Venezuela had one jug of clean water and Angola had a small jug of dirty water. You can probably guess that it was most difficult to wash up with the dirty water. After we did the activity, we watched a video about a girl who has to walk 4 miles to collect dirty water for her family. It made us feel very sad but also very lucky. 

We continued our water work in our art lesson! Today we made a water collage using photos of water in different places and forms, and also different kinds of materials like tissue paper, tin foil and cling film. We drew an outline of a shape like a river or water droplet and filled in the colour. They turned out very nicely and all of us were proud of our work.

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