Friday 30th April

In Y5BB, we had lots of fun in the woods. We did a scavenger hunt, den building and some of us made our initials out of different items we found there! Can you spot your initials below?

This week, Y5NL were in the forest. We had a choice of activities: den building, making talismans, woodland art or forest games. There were lots of plants growing - we saw bluebells and we could see and smell wild garlic. We had hot chocolate to warm us up because it got a bit cold at the end. 

This week, Y5EC did our whole school artwork. We were inspired by a famous painting called Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt. First we stuck down the picture of Adele and painted the background gold, then we added lots of details in white, green, blue and red paint. They look really nice close up especially the details!

In Y5WR, we started our whole school art too! We are taking inspiration from Pablo Picasso and using cardboard. We can't wait to share the results when we've finished!

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