Friday 7th May

This half term, we are learning about water in Year 5. In Y5NL, we looked at lots of pictures of water and got ideas from them to make our own water collages. We also learnt about types of poems called Cinquains and Haikus and wrote our own poems about water. We spent a lot of time on them. We made some of them into tunnel books, which were hard to make but look good. We also found out that lots of places in the world don't have clean water to drink and there is a charity called Water Aid that raises money to help them. We made some posters to persuade people to donate to Water Aid. 

Here are some photos for you to see what we have been doing. 

By William and A.

This week, in English lessons, Y5W/R  and Y5EC learnt off-by-heart recited a poem called “The River” by Valerie Bloom. This poem included features like  alliteration, similes, metaphors, personification, rhyme and rhythm. The groups had one stanza each and made actions, movements or dances to add to their scene. Once they were ready, they performed in front of the other class and recorded it. 

In Y5BB, we have had lots of fun creating our own tunnel books for our water haikus. We found these a bit tricky at first, but we persevered and thanks to our art experts in the class we managed to make them look fantastic! We are loving our topic of water and have also been making our own advertisements to encourage people to donate to Water Aid!



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