Friday 14th may

This week, the Whole School Art display is going to be put up. This year, each class is focusing on a famous piece of art and using it as inpiration for their own.

In Y5NL, The painting for our class is called The Scream, which has a story behind it .The creater of the painting, Edvard Munch, had a phobia called agoraphobia, which meant that he couldn't go outside without being scared. He went on a walk with some friends but got very scared; the world was swirling around him, in his mind. After the walk, Edvard Munch painted The Scream painting to try to deal with his fear. 

We used oil pastels to create the background and then finished off with details in soft pastels. Then we stuck photos of ourselves in the scream pose. We spent a lot of time on the art work and are proud of using our talents. 

Umaiza and Emma

In Y5NL this week, we have also finished our water Haiku tunnel books. They were quite tricky to make but look really good!

In all the Y5 classes this week, we have been learning about The Great Sheffield Flood which happened in 1864. In just 20 minutes the flood got 50 feet tall and this was all due to a crack in the new dam they were making. 

This flood was a dramatic one because it had a huge impact on Sheffield. We had a truly wonderful week learning about the flood by reading, watching a video and then we got to have a go at acting out some scripts that were about people in the flood.

Sophia and Ada, Y5EC

RRS- Plastic Clever Campaign

In our school, we are doing a plastic clever campaign. We came up with a few ideas in our year group for how we could reduce plastic and become a plastic clever school. The first idea we had was to have a class set of reusable cups so if someone forgets their water bottle they can use one for the day and then wash it at the end of the day. This helps us stop using single-use plastic cups in school. Another ideas we had was to donate crisp packets as these are something we seem to have in our packed lunches most days. We have found different charities that use these and are looking for a way, as a school, we could contribute. Finally, we are hoping to start recycling our handwriting pens again like we did last year before Covid-19. Obviously, pens run out, but instead of throwing them away we could have them refilled like we used to last year. We are aware of some shops in Sheffield that do this and are very excited to put our plans into action!

Sofia N Y5BB

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