Friday 21st May

This week, in Year 5, we have been learning about The Great Sheffield Flood of 1864. The Dale Dyke Dam broke at around midnight on the 11th March, allowing 3.14 billion litres of water to flood down into Sheffield. 250 people were killed. It was a terrible disaster for the city of Sheffield and was the first natural disaster ever to be photographed. 

In Y5NL, we used short playscripts to give us ideas for drama performances. Each group had different stories to tell. One was about Henry Whittles, who saved his whole family by putting them on a bed in the corner of a room, while the rest of the house was washed away. Another was about a man called Sheffield Harry, who was warned about the flood but went back to bed because he didn't believe the dam wall would break. The Dyson family were all killed in the flood, apart from one of their daughters who was staying away for the night. 

After the flood, the people could get compensation but it wasn't very fair. One man got over £400 for some books that he had lost but a family who had lost their home and their 3 children, only got £25. 

Here are some photos of freeze frames from our perfomancees. 










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