Friday 28th May

River Walk.

On Thursday 27th of May, all the Year 5 children went on a river walk. We walked down Shore Lane and through a twisted path that looked like a meander. A meander is where a river goes round a curve. It picks up rocks and stones from one side and drops them on a little beach on the other side.

We started the river walk up at Endcliffe park, where we saw a river with a strong current. It was the Porter Brook. We were walking along the path and then went up some steps to a dam called Wire Mill Dam. We saw how they got the water to go up the hill with a long goyt - a kind of tunnel to take the river in a different direction. When we were about to cross a road, there was a confluence (where two rivers meet). One of the rivers had lots of iron in it - not what you iron your clothes with but the metal kind! It made the water look really orange and a bit like rust. We also saw lots of weirs (where the water goes down a kind of slide to go downhill) and some bridges. We carried on walking until we got to Forge Dam, where we got ice cream and had a rest. It tasted delicious.

It was a long walk and we were tired when we got back. We saw lots of river features and also lots of nature. It was a nice day and we were really glad it wasn't raining. 

By Charlotte, Jess and Flo. 

Photography by Ben Y5EC

To finish our topic on water and rivers, we created a 3D model of a river which included lots of the features that we saw on our river walk! We have enjoyed this topic a lot and hope everyone has a lovely half term holiday!

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