Friday 25th June 2021

In Y5 NL this week, we have been carrying on with our writing about The Ship of Shadows.We have been creating our own settings and writing descriptions of them. We had to think carefully about our vocabulary choices. Here are some examples of what we wrote:

'When you step into the magical world of shimmering snow, you can see a veil of mist.' Josh. 

'As snow mercilessly lashes at lush, white-covered pine trees, wild mountains rise upon the horizon, battered by the wailing wind and the eerie howls of wolves echoing off their impenetrable walls.' Alex. 

'The water is icy, wet and tastes bitter. The air is misty and it smells blank.' Jess.

'The vivid, turquise sea was reflecting the steep cliffs, towering over golden sand, as the miniature waves glimmered and sparkled. Spirals in the blunt rocks were fading, as they were hit by gentle waves.' Jasmine. 

'Dark green spruce forests, on hills and mountains, bring life to all the warm-blooded animals living in the icy terrain.Unmeltable snow roams the area with a blizzard-cold wind.' Taim.

'As you see the glimmering sea, you feel a warm breeze hit you. You taste sand, like glitter spiralling into your nostrils. The feel of watery sand sinks your feet as you take each step.' Arthur. 

The small, sheltered cove was reached by scrambling down a steep, winding path. The beautiful rocks provided a perfect habitat for big crabs and glamorous fish.' Frank.

We have been learning about the properties of shapes in maths. We used shape nets to make some 3D shapes. It was actually quite difficult to do.



The caterpillars are still in their pupae and have now been moved into the butterfly habitat ready for them to emerge soon. We think that we might see some butterflies next week!

Year 5WR have had a busy week.  In art, we have been painting ideas for a sea monster clay model. Here are some of our pictures.


In Y5BB, we have been having lots of pirtate-themed fun! We have been enjoying reading our book 'The Ship of Shadows' which is all about Aleja and her quest to become a pirate. We have loved how rebellious she is and how she has followed her dream to explore. We can't wait to find out more.

Erinn and Sofia N 

We have also completed our treasure maps from our art lessons. We had great fun staining the paper with tea bags and adding the features such as trees, the ocean, a compass, volcanoes and the famous x marks the spot! They all look amazing and are all so unique. We all have loved making these and our now moving on to our own pirate flags! 

Sophia S

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