Friday 2nd July 2021

We were so excited when we first saw our caterpillars because we had done so much learning about life cycles. After a while, they were in their cocoons and we were all anticipating them coming out as butterflies. It took them a long time, but eventually they all came out - we were even lucky enough to witness one leave its cocoon! We all loved how colourful they were; some of us even thought of names for ours like 'Buttercup!'  Many of us were sad to see them leave when we set them free this morning, but we had lots of fun having them in our class.

Hanna and Ruby Y5BB

This week in Y5NL we have been very busy. 

We finished making pirate maps, based on our class novel, The Ship of Shadows.

In the novel, Aleja (the main character) finds lots of secret magical rooms on the ship. This gave us the idea to design and describe our own secret rooms. We could include anything that we liked. We had to think of a purpose for our writing, e.g. to scare the reader, make them happy, make them relaxed, make them intrigued, make them confused and lots more. 

Also in Y5, we have had the chance to have butterflies growing up in our very own classroom! We have watched them as they have morphed from caterpillars into butterflies. In the first week, they were tiny caterpillers and we had to be extra careful not to knock the pot and damage them. The second, they were getting ready to go and create their chrysalises; they were all at the roof of the pots. The third week, they were in their cocoons and metamorphosing into, drumroll please...butterflies!!!

The next week, they were trying to get out of the chrysalises and then one succeeded; it was a very exciting moment and everyone wanted to take a look. All but one had hatched by the following week and we were worried that the last one would never come out. But then, a miracle happened - on the last day, he came out. On the Friday of this week, we released them!

It was nerve racking at first but then the first butterfly flew away (It was very sad to see them go). After a while, they all flew away to find new homes. We hope that they will be ok. 

Alex and Edwin - Y5NL. 


On Thursday and Friday (for science week)  we did a lot of fun things. In morning work we got to do a plastic pollution quiz! On Thursday, we used our map skills to find plastic and other stuff like countries and cities plus more! There was drama on Friday where we were pretending to have a meeting as people from different jobs some said how we should keep plastic and some to get rid of plastic. The drama was fun in science because first we got in groups of five (our choice for groups), then got an envelope, randomly chose our paper (the paper was the job), then got in the groups with people that had the same jobs as us we made desions to if we were saying we should keep the plastic and make reasons why we shouldn't keep plastic, then we got back with our groups with our notes to keep or not keep plastic and finally we had a meeting to then deside if we should keep plastic or not keep plastic. It was really fun!

By Dexter

We got some butterflys a few weeks ago and we watched them grow up from caterpillars to pupa to butterflies! When they came out of their pupas the class were very excited! We didnt see the first one hatch but we saw the rest. Unfortunately, one of the butterflies needed a bit of help getting out of its pupa and its wings wouldn't unfold. We fed them oranges which they seemed to like. A few days later - 2nd july 2021 - we let them go. Seeing them fly away was very fasinating. Their wings were beautiful. Some of the butterflys didn't leave immediately so some people got to hold them and some stayed around for a few minutes because it was their first time flying but now there all flying around somewhere. Watching them grow up was amazing and I hope the classes next year get to do this too and have a lot of fun doing so!

By Holly

Last week, we drew pictures of our own sea creatures, and this week we made them REAL. We made them out of clay and next week we will paint them. We did this because of our topic, pirates. If you couldn't think of anything you could've just done at classic kraken.


Year 5WR have enjoyed Science week and today we released the butterflies to the outdoors. We have focussed on the environmental issues around plastics. The children used drama skills to role play a meeting about the pros and cons of plastics pollution, and how this might affect the community and commerce.

Sea shanties are proving to be very popular in year 5 as part of our pirates' topic. The children have been singing in different parts to 'Nelson's Blood' and 'Wellerman'.

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