Friday 9th July

On Tuesday 8th June, Y5W/R and Y5EC received an incubator containing 7 colourful chicken eggs. Earlier this week, after exactly 28 days, 6 lucky chicks hatched and were placed into their cage at Thursday lunchtime.

This morning we voted on their names which are written on the images below. We have 4 Cream Legbar chicken breeds and 2 Vorwerks who are called Cluckson and Poggers. You can't tell the gender of the Vorwerks until adulthood, but we know that we do have 3 Cream Legbar boys and 1 girl called Sunflower.

In Y5NL this week, we have been reading a lovely picture book called The Barnabus Project. It is all about a shop - Perfect Pets - where they create pets for people. The 'failed projects' have to stay inside jars in the basement. We think that this is just wrong: everyone is special in their own way and should have the right to be who they are. 

We designed our own 'perfect pets', either using our own ideas or basing them on the pets from the book. We are looking forward to reading more of the book next week.


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