Friday 10th September 2021

We have had an amazing first full week back in Year 5 and have made a really great start to the year. 

In Y5NL, we have been inspired by the art work of Pablo Picasso to create some unusual self portraits. Mrs Loosley took photos of our faces - front and side view - and we used the idea of combining both views in our pencil drawings. We then used water colour paints, soft pastels and black felt tips to bring our work to life. Can you recognise anyone?

In Y5NC we have especially enjoyed starting our new topic on ancient Egyptians. This morning, we went round the class and looked at people’s homework that we did during the summer holiday - it was like a mini museum! There were some great models of pyramids (including one with real sand), a book of ancient Egyptian recipes, board games, PowerPoints and even a short comedy film!

We have also been really enjoying reading our class book ‘Secrets of a Sun King’. It’s about a girl called Lil and it’s set in London in 1922 but has a lot of links to Egypt. We can’t wait to find out what happens!

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