Friday 1st October, 2021

In Year 5 this week, we have come to the end of our Tadeo Jones unit of work and have been writing diaries. This is our first piece of assessed writing in Y5. 

In Y5 NL, we have been learing how to edit our own (and other people's) writing effectively. First, we checked our own brillant work and then, we swapped with some friends and marked their interesting work. We used checklists to make our writing as good as possible. We used an interesting method of sticking tracing paper over the top of our writing to highlight our checklist aims. Then we copied it into our best writing books. Finally, some of us did small illustrations. We enjoyed doing our writing and we are very proud of it.

by Meg, Iona and Sammy. 

For science this week in Y5N/C, we did a very fun lesson in which we chose what properties to test on a range of materials. My group thought it would be interesting to find out which material was the most permeable (lets water through).


Pegs x2





Materials (tinfoil, sugar paper, card, wrapping paper, tissue paper, printer paper)


  1. First we pegged the material to the edges of a tray.
  2. Then, we put three drops of water on the material using a pipette.
  3. Finally, we times how long it took for the water to go through.


We found that the most permeable material was tissue paper, and tin foil was the least permeable.

Fair test:

Our experiment was a fair test because: We had the same amount of each material, the same amount of water each time, the same temperature water.

This was a really fun activity and we especially loved planning it all ourselves.

by Arlo

This Friday was the first meeting of the brand new Y5 knitting club! We are excited to be learning the new skill of knitting and we are also going to be helping a charity called Knit-A-Square. The 20cm squares that we are going to make will be sent to South Africa to be sewn together and made into blankets for orphans. 


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