Friday 8th October, 2021.

It has been another great week in Y5, with lots of learning and fun.

You may remember reading about our Global Goals work a few weeks ago, when we had a really interesting afternoon learning about and discussing gender equality. We then created some art work, inspired by what we had found out and how it made us feel. This week, the teachers have used some of our work to create a display in the hall (as part of the whole school's Global Goals display). We think it looks fantastic and we hope that it will make people understand how important gender equality is.

Y5NL have been in the woods this week. We were lucky because we chose a day when the sun was shining! Our first challenge was to find lots of different things to do with our senses. While we were hunting for these things, we found some amazing mushrooms. After a hot chocolate and biscuit break, we then had the challenge of making a house for an elf family, using only natural materials. There were some amazing creations with gardens, garages and even outdoor play equipment for the elf kids! 







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