Friday 22nd October, 2021.

We have come to the end of our first half term in Year 5 and what a great half term it has been! We hope that everyone has a happy and healthy half term break. 

This week, we rounded off our Ancient Egyptian topic with a special themed day. There were some fantastic costumes and lots of fun learning. 

In Y5NL, we did lots of activities. We had a fun drama lesson about the story of Osiris - God of the underworld. We worked in groups to act out the story. The characters were Isis, Set, Anubis, Horus and Ra  (the God of everything). We performed our dramas to the class and everyone enjoyed it. We also had a really fun time painting and putting our small details on our canopic jars and we loved listening to Egyptian music whilst we did it. Scroll down to see some pictures of our day!

By Holly and Eva.

In Y5NC, we loved dressing up as Egyptians. Some people even made their own costumes and Miss Nicholson was the God Osiris with a green face!!

On Egyptian day Y5NC painted amulets which was very fun as well as doing an Egyptian drama. By Erin E

I really enjoyed the Just Dance for ‘Walk like an Egyptian’, and our ICT researching Egyptian gods and making a PowerPoint. By Heidi

I really enjoyed the drama. By Jack.

I had so much fun today doing the drama about Osiris and painting our amulets and Canopic jars. It was amazing. By Isla D

I really loved the painting and drama. By Aleena

On Egyptian day, Y5WR mummified bananas, filling them with rice and wrapping them with tissue.

We also painted our clay amulet sculptures, which included scarab beetles, eyes of Horus, snakes and more. We painted them, using, bright metallic and pearlised paints. Finally we decorated them with blue glass stones and other gems.

We loved acting out the story of Isis and Osiris!

In Year 5BB, we had lots of fun on Egyptian day. We did lots of activities such as making canopic jars out of clay, painting our jars, mummifying a banana and writing our names in hieroglyphics on papyrus. The most fun part was that we were able to dress up as Ancient Egyptians and even the teachers dressed up too!

Ali and Kate



As well as all the excitement of Egyptian day in Year 5, the choir have been very busy for the past few weeks working on the 'Where We Belong' project for BBC Radio Sheffield. Some of the Year 6s came up with a dance routine for us all to learn and we had to lipsync along to the song 'Out of the Darkness' from Everybody's Talking About Jamie. 

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