Friday 12th November, 2021.

In Y5NL this week, we shared our Spain research homework. We displayed our work in the classroom and then went around the room, having a good look at everything. There was lots of interesting information and we all found out new facts. Some people had cooked Spanish food - the photos looked delicious - and one person had gone to a Spanish restaurant to eat tapas. We also had an amazing model of a Spanish flat, complete with balconies and mosaics.

Mrs Loosley was very impressed by all our work! 



In Y5BB, we have been working hard in our PE lessons learning football and gymnastics. We have been trying new skills in football such as dribbling, passing, shooting and tackling. We have learned how to control the ball with the inside and outside of our foot. We also used for the four s to remember how to pass (stop, step, see, send). It has been lots of fun and all of the class have been doing exceptionally well.

Daisy, Charlotte, Kate, Eleanor and Coralie (5BB).


In topic, our class (Y5BB) have started our Spain topic. During the half term, we did research homework based on Spain. People did powerpoints, posters and even made their own Spanish food. In the first lesson, we found Spain on a map and labelled the major cities and rivers in the country. We have also started to research a Spanish city of our choice and are going to present our research to the class.

Armani and Haya (5BB)

In English, we have been designing our own hexapods (ask us what they are). We first drew them and labelled the features. We then wrote about our hexapods and how they have adapted to live on the fictional planet, Pandora. All of the hexapods were amazing and Mr Bradshaw was really impressed. We thought that Sally's hexapod was really creative and we loved the features she used in hers. Overall, everyone did a great job with their writing. Well done Y5BB!

Alice and Summayyah (5BB)


In Y5N/C, we have started our whole school art. Each class will be doing an endangered animal and we chose snow leopards! We drew guidelines which helped us draw the features accurately. We used to shade the dark parts and chalk for the light parts. It was quite messy! - Fimi and Erin E

We also shared our Spain homeworks. It was interesting to learn about Spanish places, food and sports!

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