Friday 19th November, 2021.

Children in Need day. 

We have had a special fund raising day for Children in Need today (Friday). All week, children have been buying wrist bands and entering a competition to design a Pudsey bandana. Today, we could pay £1 to dress up in our own clothes or in fancy dress. We also had a Y5 bake sale - you can see from the photo that we had a lot of cakes to sell. Thanks to everyone for their support. We are hoping to have raised lots of money, which will help many children. 

Y5NL Pandora creatures. 

In Y5 English lessons, we are getting ready to write a non-chronological report about an imaginary place called Pandora. In Y5NL this week, we designed our own creatures which might live on Pandora. We each drew a picture and then labelled it with all the information about our creature. We then used our ideas to write a paragraph about the anatomy of our creature, using advertial phrases to explain place and time (where and when). Here are some of our ideas. 


Today in maths, we have learnt how to multiply a number by 10, 100 and 1000. When you multiply a number by 10, you move the number one place to the left and when you multiply by 100, you move the number two places to the left, and when you multiply by 1000 you move the number three places to the left.

In art today, we have been painting our whole school art orca/blue whale pictures. We have been using the water colours and Brusho powders to create beautiful skies and seas. 


In Y5BB, we have been working really hard to finish our Pandora writing. This week, we had lots of fun editing and improving our work. This was mainly fun because we had to improve an example that was given to us but we didn't realise that all of the mistakes in the example were things that we had done! Most importantly though, we found ways to improve our work.

We have also begun our drawings of the tooth-billed pigeon for our whole school art. We practised them first in our notebook and have now done them on cartridge paper. We are using oil pastels to finish these off but have not quite finished yet.












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