Friday 21st January, 2022

In Y5NL this week, we have been writing explanation texts about why the Vikings decided to leave their homeland and come to Britain. In this piece of writing we have been focusing on push factors and pull factors.

Push Factors

Firstly, we wrote about push factors which are reasons why they wanted to leave Scandinavia (their homeland). The push factors were: harsh weather, not enough land, infertile ground, there were many trees, mountains and sandy heathlands (meaning they could only use a fraction of the land) and dark, cold winters.

Pull Factors

Next, we wrote about pull factors, including: Britain's soil was fertile; the weather was much warmer; Britain was spacious, meaning there was enough room to accommodate everybody; there were monasteries with weakly-guarded treasure; there were monks and Anglo-Saxons to capture as slaves; and they had neighbouring countries to trade with. 

So, because of all of this, the Vikings obviously wanted to leave Scandinavia and go to Britain, which they ended up doing.

We have edited our writing to improve it. Next week, we will be publishing the explanations in our Best Writing books.

By Max and Rosie

In Y5 BB, we have had lots of fun creating our mood boards for our art topic. We have been exploring different techniques and focussing on specific parts of the Viking longships. We can't wait to move on to printing!

In Y5N/C, we finished off our Viking longship mood boards and then moved on to paper printing. We made prints of longships by cutting out and sticking pieces of thick paper, layer by layer, onto more paper. At first, we thought the end product would be a bit odd but it turned out really good! My print was green but I liked the ones that people did using black printing ink as it really stood out.

By Theo

We made amazing prints of Viking longboats in loads of colours. It was so fun!

By Izzy C

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