Friday 28th January, 2022

York residential reminders. 

It is almost time for our exciting residential visit to York YHA. You already have all the information you need but here are a few important things to remember:

  • you need to bring a packed lunch for Monday,
  • you must hand in any medicines you need to Miss Furniss, along with a medical permission form,
  • you must take a lateral flow Covid test before you come to school on Monday morning.

In Y5NL this week, we watched a video about a Viking village and made notes about all the details we could see. Then, we used these details to design and draw our own Viking village maps. After that, we read some setting descriptions from The Hobbit and Harry Potter and analysed them, to see how the writers made them effective. We will also be able to get more information when we visit Jorvik Viking Centre.We are going to use all these ideas next week to write our own Viking village descriptions. 

Y5NL have also been working on Viking longship-themed paper printing this week. We began by creating mood boards of our ideas, using viewfinders to focus on details of Viking longships and sketching them. We then used these ideas to make our own printing blocks out of thick paper, building up the details to make them 3D. We had to close our eyes and feel the pictures with our fingers, to check that they would work when we printed them. 

Once the printing blocks were finished, we used special printing paint (in trays) and rollers to make our prints. We had to try it out a few times and then choose our favourite one. Here are some of the finished prints. 


In Y5BB, we have been joined by Miss Murphy (a student-teacher who is working with us).  She has been teaching us maths, computing, topic and handwriting. She taught us how to find equivalent fractions by using a fraction wall and by using our times tables knowledge. For example, 1/3 is the same as 3/9. Today, we learned that there are improper fractions like 4/3 (when the numerator is greater than the denominator). We have even spotted the link between mixed numbers and improper fractions. We have learned so much about fractions this week. Thank you Miss Murphy!

By Alice, Haya and Abbas in Y5BB


Y5NC went out into the forest this Friday. We had hot chocolate and created these stars using sticks that we found and string from the classroom. We had to tie the ends of the sticks together securely by wrapping the string tightly. We enjoyed hunting for sticks and we think that our stars will make great decorations!

(Photography by Heidi)

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