February 4th

This week, most of the Y5 childrenwent on a residential visit to York, where we had lots of fun learning more about the Vikings. The children who stayed at school also had an exciting Viking time with Miss Murphy.


I liked bulding the viking longships because we worked as a team. Liam.

I liked the bedrooms because they were spacious. Isaac.

I liked Jorvik because we went on a cart that took us around a viking village. Felix.

I liked the bedroom because it was comfy. Eva. 

I liked DIG because I got to go to the gift shop. Isobel.

I really enjoyed making Viking-style bread: it was really tasty to eat after! Lulah. 

Year 5 WR.

We really enjoyed the fantastic residential in York and here are some of our comments..

I enjoyed constructing the Viking long ship from pieces of wood and nuts and bolts. It was challenging and we had to work well as a team.

I loved riding on the capsule around Jorvik.

I enjoyed the process of making viking bread using honey.

I anjoyed the walk around York and being high up on the ramparts.

I thought DIG was brilliant because we felt like archaeologists finding artefacts.

We found bits of skeleton vertebrae and a foot when using a trowel. 

I learnt that in York, archaeologists found 750,000 oyster shells and we found some with our trowel.

I liked the food and breakfast best -a bacon butty!


We all really enjoyed our trip to York and it was a great opportunity to work as a team (especially in the boat building) and bond with friends.

Here  are some of our favourite bits -

We all enjoyed making the bread and shaping it into Viking shapes. We also enjoyed the walk around the walls. Daisy and Jasmine.

We enjoyed the DIG and Jorvik. We also enjoyed the Jorvik ride although it smelled horrible. Scotty and Rowan.

We enjoyed the Jorvik centre and the making of the Viking long ships. We also enjoyed the DIG and the bread making. It was delicious . Arnav and Alice.       



The first thing we did in York was a REALLY long walk. We started by having a short walk around the town then we walked on a Viking wall. While we were on the wall we learnt about how it helped them in battle like they through deceased dead cows at their enemy .There were lots of narrow paths and title corners. One of the main attractions Robin Hood tower.

by Heidi

At the Youth Hostel we did a range of different activities; the first one was a Norse myth puzzle. We were split into three groups and we each had a Norse myth which we had to put in order. We did this activity outside which was really fun and all of the sentences were written on planks of wood.

In the evening we made Viking bread, which was very fun and interesting we did this in groups to and we each had an instruction to do. Next, we separated the dough equally and each got a piece we could make any shape we wanted with them and they turned out great! I think it tasted great too.

by Martha

The bedrooms in York were so cool they had bunk beds and a shower. I shared a room with Claudia, Martha and Freya. I brought glow sticks so I gave each of us one and all we saw was flying glow sticks everywhere. In the morning we played top trumps. It was so fun.

by Aleena

We had so much fun at Jorvik and learnt so much on the super cool ride. On the ride, we got to see what a real Viking village looked like. After we came off the ride, we got to see a real Viking skull. They even had the world’s biggest Viking poo!

Next, a lady showed us some Viking things that they found. The last thing we did was look at Viking coins and we even got one to keep in class!

by Isla

At Dig, we had loads of fun. First, we had to walk down to dig, which was the boring part, but when we got there the lady (who was really kind) talked to us all about the historic periods in time. The periods in time she talked about were the Victorian era, the Romans, medieval and the Vikings. She also showed us some historic artefacts.

When we were digging we found really cool things, for example, in the Victorian section we found toys and games and in the other sections we found really cool things - our group was the first to find the Roman coins!

by Izzy C

Pic collage by Chloe and Noah



We are very excited to announce the cast for our production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. All the children have been fantastic both in the talent they showed during their auditions but also in how supportive they have been towards each other during the audition process. Well done everyone! 

We will soon be sending out information about how to secure your tickets! 

Narrators – Arlo, Amelia, Matilda, Nuria, Carys, Maisy, Molly, Holly, Max, Freya, Isla, Kate, Issca, Alice, Coralie, Sofia, Erin, Iona, Heidi, Eleanor, Isabel, Emma, Sophia, Niamh, Dejan, Xi-An, Zaina, Isabel 

Joseph – Sophia & Oliver 

Jacob – Jacob 

Pharaoh – Ben 

Potipher – Ethan 

Potipher’s Wife – Betty 

Butler – Evie 

Baker – Cian


Reuben (sings “One More Angel in Heaven”) – Arthur

Simeon (sings “Those Canaan Days”) – Ada 

Judah (sings “Benjamin Calypso”) – Noah 

Levi – Lucy 

Dan – Lily

Naphtali – Zoe 

Gad – Eva 

Asher – Sophia 

Issachar – Florence 

Zebulun – Jacob 

Benjamin – Erin 

Prisoner 1 – Hannah 

Prisoner 2 Sofia 

Dance captain: Holly 

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