Friday 11th February, 2022

We have come to the end of a very exciting half term and the children (and staff) are looking forward to a well-deserved rest. 

This week in Y5NL, we have been learning about Viking sagas. The Vikings loved sharing stories and passed them down the generations. We watched some animations about Thor. In the story, he went to fight with the giants. He used goats to pull him along and then ate them when he was hungry. The king of the giants set him 3 challenges: to drink from a big horn, to pick up a cat and to fight an old lady. Thor couldn't do any of the tasks. At the end, the giant told him that he had tricked him: the horn was getting water from the sea, the cat was really a giant dragon and the old woman was death. Thor was not happy and said he would come back to fight them again. 

We made notes about the key parts of the story and then used them to make a comic strip. Here are some of them. 

Also in Y5NL this week, we were learning about the Viking invasion of Lindisfarne. We created dramas about the events, showing the causes and effects of what happened. We performed them to the rest of our class. 

In Y5NC this week, we finished our unit of work in music on winter soundscapes. In groups, we created and performed our own winter soundscape taking inspiration from the sounds that we could hear in the forest area and other wintery music. We used different instruments to make all kinds of noises like rain, hail, owls or even a choir singing carols! We put them all together using a graphic score to make our winter soundscape.

This week in English, we got to write our own Viking myths about Viking gods and goddesses. It was extremely fun because we were allowed to decide what happened in the story! We spent all morning on Thursday writing them and then on Friday, some people read theirs aloud to the class. They were really funny, scary and exciting!

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