Friday 4th March

It's been a busy and very exciting week in Year 5. We had a visit from The Wonderdome on Tuesday and it was World Book day on Thursday. 

Wonderdome Visit.

Y5 WR had a great time inside the Wonderdome. Matt (the leader) had so much to share with us. Our class were super knowledgable and keen to share information with the rest of the class. They had loads of interesting questions too.

Inside the Milky Way

World Book Day.

Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day. In Y5NL, first we did a World Book Day wordsearch.Then, we did ICT and we looked up our favourite book covers and printed them out. After that, we used them to make book bunting to go in our book corner. We drew our own versions of the book covers on card and coloured them with crayons, pens, paints and oil pastels. We could choose what art supplies to use.

When we got back from lunch, we went on a treasure hunt (but not for actual treasure!) We had to look all around the outside of school for the treasure hunt posters, which gave information about books to help us find different letters. We also looked for the staff shelfies (photos of staff's favourite books from when they were younger, one book they are reading now and one book they think we would like when we are older). After break, we did a cosy read (we could bring in pillows and blankets and find comfy places to read) and had a piece of chocolate. It was a really fun day. 

Poppy and Eva.

Y5NC have had a fantastic (and very busy!) week this week at school. On Tuesday, we got to visit the Wonderdome and learn all sorts of amazing facts about space. This included the fact that the Earth takes 365 and a quarter days to orbit the sun, which is why we have leap years - happy birthday, Alfie!

On Thursday, it was World Book Day and we really enjoyed all sorts of reading activities such as: a book treasure hunt all around the school; a live stream video of real authors and illustators like Nathan Bryon, Dapo Adeola and Simon Farnaby; and a lovely cosy read to finish the day.

We hope you like our costumes!

In Y5BB, we had a wonderful World Book Day! The children all looked amazing in their fantastic outifts. We had a range of characters in our class from Harry Potter, Demon Dentist and even our very own Flat Stanley!

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