Friday 11th March, 2022

In Y5NL, over the last few weeks, we have been working on fractions in our maths lessons. We have learned about denominators and numerators.To help us learn about fractions, we cut up pieces of paper and folded them into fractions - we worked in small groups. We learned about improper fractions, which have greater numerators than denominators. Mixed fractions have smaller numerators but also have a whole number in them. We also learned how to add and subtract fractions with different denominators. You have to make the denominators the same, by multiplying or dividing, before you start. These are called common denominators. 

Most people got it but some didn't and that's alright and we'll keep trying: we're getting there.We have been doing a lot of fractions lately so we are getting good at them.

Jess and Mira. 

In Y5BB, we really enjoyed indoor pe because it let us express our creative qualities.we did gymnastics. We worked in groups to remember our routines from before Christmas using the apparatus. We had lots of fun using the apparatus and we are really grateful to our PE monitors who were so helpful getting the apparatus out and tidying them away.

In maths we did FBI fraction puzzles, it was really fun. All of the clues involved us using our knowledge of fractions to work out where the bad guys had hid the agents! The morse code was super fun! Here are some pictures of us below trying to solve the clues!

Alice, Arnav and Coralie


This half term in Music, Y5WR has been learning about pieces of music to do with Space.We listened to a modern piece of classical music called 'Atmospheres' by a composer called Ligetti. We enjoyed learning a song by David Bowie called Space Oddity which is about the first space landing on the moon. This week started a group music composition about the night sky and the phases of the moon, which links to our space topic in science.

In Y5NC this week, we have created Islamic architecture (this means buildings) mood boards for some artwork that we are going to be doing. We started on Thursday by researching and finding pictures online of interesting shapes, colours and lines. Today, we cut out the pictures and did some sketching of our favourite parts.

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