Friday 25th March

This week Y5WR have had great fun challenging themselves in their maths work. We have been subtracting fractions and Mrs Webb decided to challenge the class by giving them a super hard question which they absolutely smashed! Great effort Y5WR, we are so proud of all you are achieving at the moment!

In Y5NL this week, we have been creating art work based on Islamic architecture.

We researched Islamic architecture on the internet and chose our favourite buildings to save on a Word document. Then, we used these pictures to give us ideas; we made mood boards using the pictures, our own drawings and ideas for colours we would use. Next, we made up our own buildings to draw, using the ideas from our mood boards. We used black pens in different thicknesses to draw them. Finally, we used Brusho to add colour to our drawings (and Mrs Loosley's hands!). Brusho is a powder that you add to water to make a kind of watery paint or dye. We had to be really careful not to get it on our clothes and not to pick our work up until it was dry. These are the colours we had on offer: red, purple, green, blue and yellow.We could mix other colours if we needed them. 

All of our paintings are amazing as you can see.

By Olivia and Aidan. 

Y5NC music was very fun, we were composing a piece about the moon - each group doing a different stage - and my group did the first quarter(the half moon). It was quite difficult because we had to build up the dynamics (loudness) throughout.That posed a challenge because you would have to change your dynamics depending on the group before you. We used a range of untuned and tuned percusion instruments, drums , keyboards and a piano. We are learning about the timbre, pitch, dynamics and texture. Also we were learning about clusters, notes that clash, and harmonics, notes that go together. As well as this, we were told to use  pentatonic scale (E, F, G, A and B).

A massive well done to our Y5 girls' football teams who spent Tuesday morning at a competition. The girls played some outstanding football against many Y6 teams and had lots of fun. Our B team won 1, drew 1 and lost 1 of their group games and played some fantastic football including a fantastic 4-0 win! Our A team won their group, winning all 3 games, to progress onto the semi final. They lost 1-0 in that game but gave the other team a great and were very gracious in defeat. In the third and fourth place play off game, the girls drew 0-0 and agreed with the other team that we'd rather not have to suffer the tension of a penalty shoot-out! The girls were even lucky enough to meet the former World Champion boxer, Kell Brook. As always, the girls were a credit to the school and we are excited for the next tournament!

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