Thursday 31st March 2022

We have reached the end of our second term in Y5 and what an exciting term it has been! We hope that you all enjoy your Easter break and have a well-earned rest.

Don't forget about the famous Lydgate Junior School egg decorating competition! You need to bring your entries to school on the first day back (Tuesday 19.4.22). 

This week, Y5NL have been making 3D solar system posters. We started off by making the planets, which we coloured in with colouring pencils. Then, we made the sun out of orange card and stuck it on to some A3 black card. Then, we got to work on sticking the planets down. Finally, we decorated the card with stars, asteroids and the orbital paths.

In RE, we decorated pebbles with Easter designs, using acrylic paint. Everyone did a unique design - ours were a boiled egg and a white sheep! Someone else did a mushroom and a Mario. It was good seeing all the designs together. 

By Max and Sam. 

This week we made a 3D model of the solar system.

We started off with a rectangular piece of paper and then we poked small holes in it up to six centimetre gaps with a ruler.

After that, we drew very accurate circles with two pencils on cartridge paper with the rectangular piece of paper.

Then we coloured the circles in the planet colours and they were all sorts of sizes. We drew a line down the middle, then we cut all the planets out. We also cut the line which was down the middle. Then we organised the order of the planets on to some A4 black card.

After that, we stuck one part of the circle on to the other part. Then we got our piece of A4 black card and stuck our planets on it with pva glue in the order of the planets in Milky Way.

Next, we got a silver or gold marker pen and drew on some dotted lines to show the orbit of the planets then we drew some dots to show the shiny stars in the night sky.

After that, we labelled all our planet in order to show what the planets are called and what order they go in. Then we were done with our 3D models of the solar system!

By Izzy.C, Norah, Oliver G and Alfie


This week in 5BB we completed our mosque pictures. We started by creating a mood board to gather our ideas using pictures of different mosques we liked. We then drew these using black marker pens which was a new experience for us! After we had finished the drawing them, we used brusho to add colours (we had to be extra careful not to get this on our clothes!) 

We are really proud of our hard work! You can see some examples below.

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