Friday 29th April, 2022

We started our new topic off this week with a very exciting map day. 

First we made a plan map of the school. We had to go all around school, to work out how it would look if we drew the view from above. Then, we listened to Nigel Vardy - a.k.a Mr Frostbite. He is a famous mountain climber who has to know a lot about map reading. He taught us about contour lines, symbols on maps and scale. Next, we completed a map trail outside. To find all the puzzle pieces, we had to use compass points, map reading skills and 4 figure grid references to find envelopes with puzzle pieces inside them. Once we had all the pieces, we had to put the pieces together to make a message.  The winners got a certificate and a badge. The final activity was learning to draw things to scale. We chose something simple in our classroom to draw, then measured it. After that, we divided all the measurements by 10 to make it a 1:10 scale. Finally, we drew a new diagram with the correct scaled measurements. It was a very fun day and we learned a lot about maps. 

by Sammy and B.


This English lesson was based on our current topic, water. We were given a stanza of a poem about water called the river by Valerie Bloom. This poem describes a river as many different things, such as a monster a baby and a traveller. When we were given the stanza, we went outside and each group acted out their part of the poem. By Chloe and friend.

Last Friday,everybody in the choir went to a Young Voices concert at Sheffield Arena. It was really exciting.Miss Nicholson and Mrs Hopkins came with us too. We sang lots of songs and had a very good time. We sang with Twinnie and Alfie Sheard and we beatboxed with the Beatbox Collective.

By Millie and Oliver Bk

Y5BB had a great time in the woods Friday afternoon. We began by completing a treasure hunt for different varieties of twigs and plants. We then had a little break with hot chocolate (of course) and a biscuit. We finished our afternoon in the woods by building bridges for squirrels. Below are some pictures of our completed bridges and us having a great time!

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