Friday 20th May, 2022

This week in Y5NL, we have been writing newspaper reports about The Great Sheffield Flood. We have been doing a lot of work about this, over the last two weeks, to get us ready for the writing. Some of the things we have done are: looking at newspapers, watching a video, making dramas, choosing vocabulary and learning to spell the words, writing descriptions about pictures, thinking of quotations and writing past progressive sentences. Finally, we made boxed success criteria - these remind us what we have to include in our writing. Once we have written the reports, we will edit them to make them better. Then, we will publish them in our Best Writing books. Look out for some photos next week!

In Y5NC, we are still enjoying making our water cushions! So far, we have designed them, made pattern pieces, cut out fabric, attached the fabric to cushion covers with Bondaweb and now we are starting to add the final details using decorative embroidery. We watched a video today that showed us how to do: running stitch, chain stitch, blanket stitch, French knots and a lazy daisy. Some people have started practising the running stitch. We think they're going to look great!

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