Friday 27th May, 2022

Last week, five of our lovely Y5 girls went to EIS, to train as Football Activators in school. They took part in a range of games, to get them thinking about how they could implement activites to get others involved in playing football. This was all about inclusivity - making sure that both boys and girls can be included and have fun. They also had planning sessions, where they discussed leadership skills and role models, which led to them thinking of ways to get girls more involved in football and how to promote the women's euros. Their behaviour was impeccable and they were a credit to our school - well done girls!

On Thursday, Year 5 all went on the river walk. We walked a total of 4.2 miles to Forge Dam and back. Along the way, we noticed lots of interesting river features and carried out fieldwork to investigate how fast the river flows, the temperature, what wildlife can be found, and lots more. 


We really enjoyed the river walk. It was fun choosing what to invesigate and testing things out at the river. We also enjoyed reading the map to see our route. We were very tired by the end though and it was hard work walking up Shore Lane. 


We hope that everyone has a happy and relaxing break, ready to come back for our exciting final half term in Year 5!







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