Friday 17th June, 2022

This has been a really exciting and busy week of learning in Year 5. 

Mosque visit. 

On Wednesday, we took an informative trip to a local mosque. Inside, we saw a huge crystal and gold chandelier, worth about £200,000. We learnt about how Muslims pray and how many times a day - five. The rooms were massive and Zahid, the man who took us round, was really nice and was very understanding in how he talked about his religion. After watching him demonstrate how to wash (wudu), we continued on to the Holy library. He talked to us about the Qu'ran and how most Muslim adults try to memorise large chapters. Over all, we loved learning about the different rituals of worship and listening to Zahid explain the rooms of the mosque.

Grimm and Co. 

On Thursday, Y5NL visited a fantastic place called Grimm and Co. The building was very magical, with lots of interesting things to look at. We had to write stories to help Graham and Grizelda Grimm: they needed more stories to make magical energy, which was running out. We all contributed to a whole class story, sharing our ideas for the beginning and middle, but we were allowed to come up with our own ending to the stories. We actually got to talk to Graham Grimm and he really loved the stories. Our amazing book was printed out and we all got copies to take home. Our stories were hilarious and very fun to write. At the end, we could spend some money in the magical beings' shop; there were lots of nice things to buy.  We all really enjoyed this trip.

By Rosie and Iona

Y5N/C went to Grimm & Co on Tuesday. It was really good and we wrote the best story ever called 'The Evil Poo Paper,' which involved another character called Blag Bog (Blag Bog is a pixie). First, we decided three characters - Poo Paper, Blag bog and Penny the cat, who was a 24 carat gold cat with one million legs and had a huge pink moushtache that covered its whole face. Then, we wrote the plot and setting description. The planet we made up was called Nobotob with tanks falling from the sky! Poo Paper was a toilet with dragon wings made out of loo roll and unicorn horn and the flush was the mouth.



This week in Y5BB, we were learning about different types of balances and used them to create some incredible short routines! Each individual group got different apparatus. One of our favourite balances was a counter because we could use teamwork to create a symmetrical balance.

By Coralie and Daisy  

This week was science week and in our class we were learning about growth. We wanted to see if we could grow our fitness by checking how many star jumps we could do in a minute each day. We are going to evaluate our experiment and see if we can make it even better.

Harry and Sally


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