Friday 24th June 2022

This week, Y5WR had a great time visiting Grimm and Co. Lots of great writing was done by everyone and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was fantastic to see the children work together to produce a story which they had worked on. We had wild and wonderful creatures and settings which were out of this world. A great effort children and you made us feel so proud!

In Maths this week, we investigated regular and irregular shapes. We even created our own Venn and Carroll diagrams! 

In our English lessons this week, Y5NC have been writing setting descriptions based on our book study book, The Ship of Shadows. We invented our own magic room which might appear in the ship and drew a picture of it. Today, we wrote a description using figurative language, our senses and choosing vocabulary to make our reader feel amazed, scared or amused! These people read theirs to the class and we loved them:

The caterpillars have now turned into pupa and the eggs are 5 days away from hatching. Next week we will have all sorts of exciting creatures in Y5!

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