Friday 1st July

This week in Y5NC, we had a great time gathering ideas for our Water Carrier paintings. We looked at pictures of African people carrying water containers and the clever ways that they do this. We then tried to copy some of their body positions and did some sketches of each other, focusing on the shapes made by our bodies, rather than details.



In DT we have been making water-themed cushion covers. They have been very fun to make (except when you stab yourself with a needle, even when it is blunt). There were many different types of fabrics: fluffy, soft, smooth, bumpy, matte and sparkly. When we were sewing them onto the cushion covers, we did running stitches and they looked really cool! Everyone’s was different which made them look unique in their own way. The sewing looked amazing and once they were done they looked  FANTABULOUS! 

By Kate and Armani


Y5WR enjoy the apparatus during this week's indoor PE slot.

The children had great fun during their indoor PE lesson this week. We got out the apparatus for the first time in ages. They spent lots of time exploring how to move safely over the various pieces of equipment. From there, they went to to produce a group sequence where they each created their own move and had the rest of the children copy them. We are all looking forward to getting the apparatus out next lesson and seeing how we can develop our sequences.

Well done Y5WR - great effort once again.

Y5NL have been very excited to see some of the butterflies emerging this week. By the end of the day today (Friday) we had 3 - we are expecting there to be more after the weekend. We are planning to release them next week. 

Also in Y5NL this week, we have been working on writing descriptions of the main character - Aleja - from our class novel. We have prepared for this writing in lots of ways: reading the book; doing drama; and making a 'role on the wall' sheet. The purpose of the writing was to make the reader feel as if they knew Aleja. 

Here are some examples from the descriptions. Can you imagine what she is like from reading them? 

 'Aleja's emerald-green eyes shone in the moonlight, emitting a beautiful jade glow.' Sam. 

'Aleja's leaps and bounds across the roofs made her feel alive, like she was touching the sky.' Iona. 

'Aleja looked out for adventure wherever she went; this just fed her curiosity to explore what lay beyond Seville.' Charlie. 

'Aleja hankered to be an explorer; she craved to sail boats, reconnoitre the Amazon Rainforest and to dive into the Mariana Trench.' Aidan. 

'Aleja's brain was too clouded with daydreams to think about looking pretty and fitting in. Her auburn hair had many knots in it; her face had a kind, determined expression.' Lulah. 

Around a month ago, we got 7 eggs in an incubator and we were so excited to get some baby chicks.

After the long wait of 28 days, sadly we discovered that only two out of the 7 eggs had hatched but one of our chicks had its cord still attached so we had to cover our incubator with a cardboard box. The next day, we went to see how the two chicks were doing but sadly only one chick survived in the incubator and that chick was named Lucky because it was the only chick that survived.                      

Lucky definitely suits his name! He is a strong chick and really friendly but as he was the only chick that made it, we decided to give him to a farm where can be with other chicks like him.

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