Friday 22nd July

Well, we have come to the end of our school year and what a year it has been! The Y5 staff are all very proud of the children and everything they have achieved this year. We can see that they are ready for Year 6 and feel sure that they will have a great time. Their new teachers are very lucky to be getting such an amazing group of children!

We have had a fantastic last week in Y5NC. As part of our maths lessons on capacity (as well as to keep cool in the heatwave) we had fun estimating and measuring the capacity of different containers. As it was so hot and sunny, we decided to turn it into an estimation competition. Whoever guesed the closest was the winner and decided whether to pour water on  themselves or the loser! Luckily it didn't take too long to dry off afterwards in the heat. 

Y5NL have also had a busy final week. We finished our water carrier paintings: after mixing our own colours for the backgrounds, using powder paint, we then used oil pastels to create the  figures. They are really effective. We also finished reading our class novel - A Long Walk to Water - and the paintings fitted in well with the story. 

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