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The Year 5 teaching team consists of: Mrs Loosley (5NL), Miss Cunningham & Miss Nicholson (5EC),  Mrs Ridsdale and Mrs Webb (5W/R) and Mr Bradshaw (5BB).  The children are also supported by our teaching assistants: Mr Swain, Mr Jenkinson, Mrs Hornsey and Mrs Allen. We have help from Mr Jones, Miss Lee, Ms Grimsley and Ms Reasbeck too. What a fantastic team!

Our PE days are Tuesday (indoor) and Wednesday (outdoor): the children need to wear their PE kits for school on those days. 

Spellings are sent home every Monday, to learn ready for a spelling dictation each Friday. 

Homework books (maths and SPaG) will be sent home once a week - the days will be decided by the class teachers who will let their classes know. They will have a whole week to complete the homework tasks. 

In our weekly blogs, the children will share some of the things they have been doing at school. Check in each weekend for the latest Y5 news!

Things to look out for

Published: Sep 18, 2019

We're really proud of how well all the children in Y5 have continued to come into school full of enthusiasm as this first term moves quickly onward. There are a few things to be looking out for over the coming weeks:*All children should now be bringing home their maths homework book and their spelling…

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A great start to the year!

Published: Sep 06, 2019

We have had a great start to year 5 this week. All the children have risen to the challenge of life in year 5 with great enthusiasm. As the children have all remained in the same class groupings and they are now very familiar with the junior school, we just launched straight into our normal timetable…

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There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom

Published: Jul 03, 2019

This week saw the final performance to parents of the play that Y5 have been working hard on over the past six weeks. It is an adaptation of the book 'There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom' by American author, Louis Sachar. We read this short novel as our 'book study' in the summer term: the whole class…

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water carrying art

Published: May 17, 2019

In year 5 we have been painting people carrying water. This links to our topic which is water. In our lessons we have been learning about water shortages - this is why we painted them. We first painted a background as a sunset and a dark foreground. Secondly, we painted the people. Lastly, we added extra…

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Working towards a Plastic Clever School

Published: May 10, 2019

This week in RRS, we have been learning about being a Plastic Clever School, which means that, as a school, we are raising awareness and campaigning for this project. As year 5, we are writing to different newspapers, radios, government and shops about how our school wants to help change the world. The…

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This week in 5AP

Published: May 03, 2019

This week we on Monday 5AP and 5SH went to the mosque and we saw a great big chandelier in the prayer hall. Our guide showed us how the Muslims wash themselves (Wudu) before they pray.On Tuesday we did athletics and threw foam javelins and did a relay with relay batons. On Wednesday we had a supply teacher…

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Wednesday Science Week - Trash Island

Published: Mar 14, 2019

Wednesday’s Science Week activities had two objectives: to understand some of the environmental impact of plastic pollution, and to understand what they could do to reduce the problem. We used these silicone oven-mitts as a simulation of a seabird’s beak. Having littered the ocean surface with plastics…

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Science week Day 1 and 2

Published: Mar 13, 2019

We have had some incredible experiences over the first 2 days of Science Week 2019 in year 5. We had inspirational talks from several parents who are working in various different scientific fields. Professor Williamson showed us how he would extract the DNA from an egg and we looked at what all the different…

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The Space Centre and World Book Day

Published: Mar 08, 2019

This week all of year 5 went on a trip to the national space centre. While we were there we visited the planetarium where we learnt about how difficult it is to live in space and how you needed lots of training to become a professional astronaut. Also as well as the planetarium we went up to the top…

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World Book Day

Published: Mar 07, 2019

Y5 have had a great time celebrating World Book Day today. We enjoyed swapping books at playtime, tried not to get too wet on our outdoor book scavenger hunt and even discovered the identity of some secret readers around school. There were so many fabulous costumes on show around school. Even the teachers…

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