Another busy week at school

Hello again everyone. We hope that you are all happy and healthy. This would have been our second week back after the Easter break and there has been lots of learning going on at school.

Some Y5/6 pupils learnt about the history of Lego, before creating their own Lego village, complete with a football stadium, airport, well and park (with a working swing). Maybe you could try building your own creation if you have some Lego - you could send your photo to appear on next week's blog. 

Another group of Y5/6 children had fun making up their own games and playing them. 

They have written up these rules so that you can try out one of the games. 

Dodge tennis.

.You will need

.Enough cones to make a decent sized rectangle.

.Two to six swing ball bats (optional).

.A soft light ball.

.Tennis net (optional).

Set up.

Each half has to be 4 metres(optional). The width has to be 5 metres (optional). If you are more experienced /confident/ go for a bigger court. If you are less experienced, less confident, go for a smaller court.


  1. Don’t go on the other half of the court.
  2. You can’t pick up the ball unless you’re throwing it or you’re serving it.
  3. No violence.
  4. 2 bounce max.

How to play.

  1. Race to the bats and the ball.
  2. First to get the ball serves first.
  3. If the ball bounces in the other half and goes out, that’s your point.
  4. If the ball goes out and it doesn’t bounce on the other half, you put down your bats and the other person gets the ball. Then they try and throw it at you.
  5. If they hit you, it’s a point to them.
  6. If you catch it, you can throw it at them.
  7. First to fifteen wins.

On Friday, the children at school made their own 'alternative alphabet' name signs. They hunted around school to find things that looked like letters of the alphabet, took photos of them and then printed them out to make the signs. This is one of the home learning tasks for next week - can you find the whole alphabet? 

In the afternoon, we made some rainbow butterflies to add to our rainbow fence at school. They were fun to make and we think they look great. 

Here is a link to the instructions if you want to try making one at home. 
Look at the next blog post to see what the children at home have been doing. 

Stay happy and healthy everyone!

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