Friday 25th September

We have had a really busy start back to school in Year 5BB. We had lots of fun doing Forest Schools with Rohan from Foresteers. The children (and Mr Bradshaw!) enjoyed making dens, rope swings, toasting marshmallows and drinking our hot chocolate!

The children in Y5BB also took over as the teachers this week as they presented their homework to the rest of the class. We have had all sorts of homework ranging from PowerPoints, posters, quizzes and models of pyramids! The children have produced some amazing pieces of work and have clearly worked so hard on their research of Ancient Egypt. We still have plenty more pieces of homework coming into our class. Below are just some of the fantastic pieces of homework the children have brought in already. We still have lots left to show! Well done Year 5!

In Y5 NL this week we have been doing some drama, based on an animation we have been watching called Tadeo Jones. We have split each key part and turned them into little freeze frames. We have had a lot of fun and Mrs. Loosley did too. We split up into groups of 3-4 people and we acted out the parts that we thought were most important. We had 9 groups for 9 parts and we all got to do our favourite parts. We also described the tomb/crypt using senses, metaphors, similes, expanded noun phrases(ENPs), personification and adverbial phrases. The people were: Tadeo Jones, the statue, the dad mummy, the baby mummy, and the mummy mummy. Next came the junior explorers. The parts of the clip were: entering the crypt, getting slapped by the statue, the light switch, the golden jackal and the mummies. Next came the lava, the train and the junior explorers.
Jasmine and Thomas.

This week Y5W/R played Caribbean shimmer music on the xylophones and this was a complete success
as Mrs. Ridsdale specializes in music. This made a loud sound but was quite something and  was a good effort for starters. 
In outdoor P.E, we are learning how to play hockey with Mr. Jones and he is a very good teacher.
We have been busy acting in drama as Tadeo Jones [ the new Indiana Jones].
Olivia and Betty

This week in Y5EC, we have been continuing on our Ancient Egyptians topic, including writing our name in Hieroglyphics. We practiced on plain paper and found out that E is a feather-like thing. We then had a go at writing on real papyrus scroll! Can you work out whose name is written in each of the pictures?  We have also researched the river Nile and found out that it starts underground!!We found out a great fact that the river Nile is two rivers joined together. They are called the White Nile and the Blue Nile. One of them starts in the mountains and nobody knows exactly where the other starts.

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