Friday 6th March

World Book Day.

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day at school. We had lots of exciting activities in Y5: guess the teachers' favourite childhood books; making book bunting; book cover art work; cosy reading time with blankets and cushions; sharing our favourite books; a book stall; and a book scavenger hunt. We could also dress up as a book character if we wanted to. As you can see form the photos, we had lots of fun and enjoyed reading. 

The Halle Orchestra. 

On Friday 6th March, all of Y5 went on a once in a lifetime chance to see a  world-class orchestra called the Halle .As we were walking in to the City Hall, we were given a scratch and sniff card and they were really cool. We had to scratch and sniff at special times to match the music we were listening to. In the build up to the concert we were told to learn a special piece of music and it sounded amazing when we sang it - we all gave it everything. The Halle orchestra were unbelievable!
Bea and Rhys (Y5NL)

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