Friday 9th October

We have been working hard in year 5 this week on our Whole School Art project. The theme this time is 'Fairytales'. Y5NL decided to design our own fairytale castles.

In ICT we did some research about Fairy Tale Castles to help us make mood boards. We got some pictures from the internet and cut them out hen stuck them on and had a go at drawing some of them. 

After we got them finished we drew the outline of the castles in black thick pen because Mrs. Loosely said if we did it in pencil it would be too small. Then we put in some smaller detail in thinner pens. On the board, Mrs. Loosely put some examples to help us get some more ideas. We spent a whole afternoon on this, some needed longer.  We spent this long on it because it needed to be everyone's best work with lots of detail on it.

Then we used some Brusho that's powder and then you add water mixed together. Some people started with the back ground first; others did the castle first. You had blue, yellow, red, green and purple you had to mix some colours with water. It stains and it`s very hard to get out so we had to be really careful when we used it.

We really enjoyed doing fairy tale castles we wish we could do it all over again. Everyone had a great time and had a fun day painting!!

By Isla and Faye    

In Y5EC, our art was on the theme of 'Thumbelina'. We listened to the story and found out that she was a tiny girl, the size of a thumb, and she was kidnapped by a frog! She tried to find her way home and met lots of animals on the way, like a spider, a mouse and a swallow. 

We made 3D flowers out of card, and in the middle of the flower stuck a tiny picture of ourselves. This is because when Thumbelina's mother wished for her, she appeared inside a flower. We stuck our flowers onto pages from an old book of fairy tales. We then either drew, or found on the internet, pictures of animals from the story. We decorated around the flower with leaves, and our animal pictures.  

The finished pictures turned out really well, and we are looking forward to seeing them up on the wall around school next week! 

In Y5W/R ,we have been working really hard this week. We have edited our diaries and have copied them up neatly into our 'best writing book'. We are enjoying our book study which is based around the book 'Secrets of the Sun King' by Emma Carroll. 

In art, we practised painting trees so that we were ready to paint on our glass jars. We have created a 'Snow Queen' world in a jar.

We are really looking forward to 'Egypt Day' next week!!

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