Friday 22 January 2021

6SW have enjoyed writing suspense stories this week. We have really thought about including many varied features of the suspense genre to make our writing as effective as possible (for example 'lulling our readers in to a false sense of security', or 'using empty words to make someone or something appear more ominous'). Next week we will publish these short stories so that we can display them in our classroom. It has helped that we have been reading 'Room 13' by Robert Swindells, as even the title makes you think something creepy or suspicious is going to happen. We are intrigued and keen to keep reading it.

During Maths lessons, we have drawn, measured and identified different types of angles (obtuse, acute, right and reflex angles), and we now understand how many angles are in a straight line (180 degrees), triangle (180 degrees), circle (360 degrees) and quadrilateral (360 degrees). 

As we are a Rights Respecting School, we have been reflecting on the importance of pupil voice and how influential speakers have used their voices to make a difference. 6SW have made posters to remind us of these influential global citizens and have displayed these in our cloakroom. Hopefully these posters will inspire us to strive to make a difference and to use our voices wisely. 

6RJ and 6CP wanted to set up our pupil voice box in class and choose an RRS representative for the period while we are in lockdown. We have also enjoyed learning some songs about Macbeth in our music lessons. We especially enjoyed learning the rap sections of the songs.

In science, we continued our work on the classification of living creatures and designed our own imaginary animal to classify.

We have also been busy doing plenty of fluent in 5 to practise our maths calculations and daily spellings. Below is a fantastic example of how you might do your 'Rainbow Spellings' activity, complete with different styles of lettering, by Mannat.

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