12th March

It has been great to have everyone back at school this week and all of Y6 returned full of enthusiasm for learning. Everyone is happy to see their friends and have a really good catch up after so many weeks apart.

We have been bringing together all of our learning about the Mallory and Irvine Everest expedition by planning and writing our final newspaper report about the subject. It has been a great opportunity to share the many facts we have all researched and think about how the news of their disappearance would have been received by the British public after it happened in 1924. 6RJ have been putting our typing skills to the test by publishing our reports on the computer. In our geography topic we are now looking more closely at the features of mountains, how they are formed and the location of different mountain ranges around the world.

We are continuing to study data handling in maths. This has required a high level of accuracy as we learn to draw our own line graphs and read conversion graphs to understand the relationship between imperial and metric measurements.

The great thing about being back in school is being able to work together and do some more practical subjects. Our DT project is to design a pizza so our taste buds are already watering as we start to think about our favourite toppings!

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