23.4.21 Year 6 Blog

In Year 6, we have had a great first week back at school and have a lot to look forward to this term.

This week we have started our ‘Healthy Bodies’ topic. In science, we have been identifying the major organs of the human body and during topic time we explored nutrition charts so that we understand how the food we eat impacts on our body with different pros and cons.

During RRS we will be linking our Global Goals Lessons with previous Plastic Clever Lessons during this important whole-school theme, with the aim of becoming a ‘Plastic clever school’. We will be raising awareness of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle plastics and each class is planning a different campaign approach.

6SW have particularly enjoyed starting their Scratch computer coding projects as we are creating our own maze games with a variety of creative themes including animals, halloween, anime and even nurf guns. 

In 6RJ we continued our Healthy Bodies project by learning about healthy diet and exercise. We put our knowledge to good use by creating our own adverts to encourage people to make healthy choices. Some of us chose to film live outside in the sunshine whilst others had a go at representing our message through stop motion animation indoors. It was great fun watching the finished results.

6RJ have also enjoyed starting our next whole school art project. This term the theme will be famous paintings and Y6 are studying still life paintings. In 6RJ we have looked at the work of Roy Lichtenstein, in particular his paintings of fruit bowls using bright, bold colours and monochrome backgrounds.

We had a go at sketching some fruit in pencil first and then chose either oil pastels or powder paints to begin our own large scale still life. Here are some pictures of us at work:

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