As many of you will remember, we have previously been involved in raising awareness of the environmental impact of single use plastic. A whale display was created using plastic bags, we went on a local campaign march and some children were interviewed on Radio Sheffield and others appeared in the local newspaper. There was a real buzz surrounding this campaign. On the Kids Against Plastic website, our school was even used as an example of a junior school campaign. See Case studies-Junior School Settings



This half term, we are going to continue this campaign and hopefully become a Plastic Clever School. Having raised awareness, we are now going to focus on taking action and gaining the award. This needs to involve EVERYONE. So each class has the chance to steer the campaign by creating their own plan of action. 6SW will be carrying out our plan over the next two weeks so we will keep you updated.


6SW also watched a really inspiring video which you may also want to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBA2WW9YxOw

It is a five minute summary of climate change, explaining its causes, and solutions, and it also promotes the South Yorkshire Schools climate conference which is happening in July 2021.

In 6RJ we have enjoyed continuing our class book 'Everest' by Alexandra Stewart. This fantastic picture book retells the story of Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary's successful mission to summit the mountain. It includes fascinating details about the lives of the two explorers before their ascent of Everest as well as information about the many other people involved in the challenge.

In computing we have been using our coding skills to create a maze game on Scratch. It has been great fun to choose a sprite for the game and then design the layout of the maze. Some of ours are very complicated with interesting obstacles along the way!

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