14th May

It has been another busy week in Y6. In many of our lessons, we have been reflecting on what it really means to be a global citizen and how our actions can make a difference to the rights of our fellow pupils and also children across the world. In this age of covid restrictions and limited travel, the wider world can seem far away and it can be even more challenging to find ways to effectively campaign for change and make a difference. However, this doesn't stop us in our quest to continue to build awareness about the issues affecting our world. In RE, we have been learning about different charitites, motivated by their faith, to improve the lives of others. We also considered the problems of unequal pay by attempting to 'earn' our own living by making paper bags. Despite working tirelessly, 6RJ only earnt 10p in the time they were given. This is to reflect the fact that wages for manual labour are so low in some parts opf the world. It made us really appreciate the importance of trying to choose fairly traded products.


6SW have proudly completed our 3-dimensional poppies during art lessons, which will be displayed throughout the school. Here is a picture of them. They really do look fantastic!


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