Y6JS Fun in the Forest

This week in Year 6, we were visited by Rowan the ‘Foresteers’ teacher, who took us on an adventure through the forest, setting us thrilling challenges! Starting the day, we created shelters that could withstand the inhospitable environment of the wild. This taught us the value of teamwork and how far it can take us.

Once the dens were made, we cooked pizza pockets on an open fire…a good way to make lunch in 3 ingredients (cheese, wrap and ketchup!). After this we whittled sticks to create skewers. We used them to toast tasty marshmallows which were devoured after a count of 20.

A quick lunch break…then we headed back into the wilderness to learn about fire building! With cotton wool, oxygen and some flint & steel – it took a bit of practise, but soon we were creating sparks and igniting the cotton wool. We finished the day of with more marshmallows (or Milky Way bars for the lucky few) washed down with hot chocolate.

We had a great day filled with many new experiences and different lessons learnt. It was an incredible day with many surprises – we are so grateful to Rowan and Mrs Shaw for organising it!

Please see just some of the amazing activites we tried. 

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