Friday 11th June

Today we finished our sponsored walk to raise money for our visit to Edale. We really enjoyed ourselves on Tapton field in the sun! Thank you to everyone who has donated! We have included the link later in the blog and any last minute donations are very much appreciated. These four were super speedy and finished their three laps first out of the year group. 

This week we had our Right’s Respecting School’s inspection for our Silver award. Many of us were involved and did a fantastic job in explaining how being a Rights Respecting School has impacted on us and therefore we successfully achieved our Silver Award. In 6SW, Mrs Watkinson, Jacob, Yomna and Tabbie were all asked various questions so we are feeling positive about the next steps that we need to take to lead to Gold award status.

You will have heard that many Year 6 staff walked to Edale on Sunday to raise money for our Residential. Mr Jones ran the 16miles which was very impressive! As Year 6s, we have also been busy walking or running the daily mile each day and completed our laps on Tapton field this afternoon. It felt like a lovely atmosphere and is for a very worthy cause. We are really looking forward to the opportunities and experiences at Edale (Thanks to Miss Norris, Mrs Shaw and all involved with planning the residential).

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us so far. We have already raised over our target which is fantastic!

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