Our first week in Y6

It has been a great week  as we have adapted to being Year 6s really well. We are getting to know our classrooms, Year 6 expectations and we are enjoying being able to play with friends from other year 6 classes at break and lunch times again.

This week we have written poems about ourselves showing how complex and creative we are, as we relate ourselves to our relationships with others and are interests also. It has been a nice way of introducing ourselves to the Y6 Staff in a figuritive way.

In maths we have explored our understanding of numbers up to and over 1 billion and we are getting more confident with this. We are learning to read, write, compare and order big numbers to demonstrate our understanding of place value.

In Science, we are learning about light and looking at how light travels in straight lines. We are learning to recognise how variables need to be controlled when investigating. 

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