It's all a bit of a mystery...

This week in Y6, we are planning to make a mystery story. We have done a lesson where we went to the bottom yard and took photos of different stuff that we could include in our pic collage, which was the first step to starting to plan our story. We were able to work in pairs and create a type of information checklist on things we need to include within our writing and things that our individual pairs needed to work on. The mystery story will be an assessed piece of writing. Assessed means it will go into our best writing books.


We are going to write it next week. The teacher wrote a model text which was called The Doorway to Nowhere. It showed us what to include like: rhetorical questions, modal verbs, short sentences for effect and clauses. The teacher’s story included a doorway that, when you walked through it, you were in a different place. We have to make them as short as we can, and as intriguing as we can. It is going to be a lot of fun!

Here are some of the pic collages we created:

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