Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

It has been great to be back at school and see everyone. This term we are learning lots of new things. Our new geography topic is ‘Extreme Environments.’ We have been identifying extreme environments around the world and are looking forward to a visit from explorer, Nigel Vardy, AKA ‘Mr Frostbite’ next week.

To start the new year we have also thought about our resolutions and wishes for 2022. 6RJ chose to present these in a pop art style and you can see some photos below of what we produced.

This is how we did it: first we wrote 2022 on a sheet of paper, then we cut it out and put it on a newspaper background, we trimmed the background and put it on another bright colour then used blue tack to stick it on the wall.

In English we have learnt about the subjunctive mood. Here are some excellent examples of how to use the subjunctive mood by Ellie and Elsie:

If I were Prime Minister, I would instruct everyone to eat more carrots.

Socks decreed that her food be less lumpy and with jelly.

She decreed that the cheese be eaten at that very moment.

If I were a hippopotamus king, I would write an auto biography.

If I were the cheese, I would not enjoy being eaten by her.

If I were about to die, I would jump up and do an Irish gig.

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