Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


We are very excited to announce the cast for our production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. All the children have been fantastic both in the talent they showed during their auditions but also in how supportive they have been towards each other during the audition process. Well done everyone! 

We will soon be sending out information about how to secure your tickets! 

Narrators – Arlo, Amelia, Matilda, Nuria, Carys, Maisy, Molly, Holly, Max, Freya, Isla, Kate, Issca, Alice, Coralie, Sofia, Erin, Iona, Heidi, Eleanor, Isabel, Emma, Sophia, Niamh, Dejan, Xi-An, Zaina, Isabel 

Joseph – Sophia & Oliver 

Jacob – Jacob 

Pharaoh – Ben 

Potipher – Ethan 

Potipher’s Wife – Betty 

Butler – Evie 

Baker – Cian


Reuben (sings “One More Angel in Heaven”) – Arthur

Simeon (sings “Those Canaan Days”) – Ada 

Judah (sings “Benjamin Calypso”) – Noah 

Levi – Lucy 

Dan – Lily

Naphtali – Zoe 

Gad – Eva 

Asher – Sophia 

Issachar – Florence 

Zebulun – Jacob 

Benjamin – Erin 

Prisoner 1 – Hannah 

Prisoner 2 Sofia 

Dance captain: Holly 

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