Another busy week

Another week gone! Blink and the children will be in year 7!

As always it’s been busy busy busy in year 6. In maths, the thought of algebra can scare even adults however the children have loved finding expressions and solving equations (e.g. 5y + 3 = 38, find the value of y). After hearing from Mr Frostbite and finding out all about Mallory and Irvine’s ill-fated attempt to summit Everest, we have been readying ourselves to write a newspaper report of the events. Children are getting to grips with using the past perfect and past progressive tenses. We can’t wait to see what they produce next week. 

In ICT, we are coming to the culmination of our Americas topic. The children have been working on an 'American Holiday' where they research different destinations, find the cost of flights and hotels and decide what activities they want to do. They then find the total cost of the trip. I have seen holidays which cost over £70,000!!

Our current outdoor PE topic is tennis. Children are practising their volleying and ground strokes and having little competitions with each other. Maybe we will discover the next Andy Murray?

As always, it is non-stop in Y6 but the children are working as hard as ever.

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